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Cape Cod Vow Renewal – Ocean’s Edge

Sarah and Hampus had a beautiful Cape Cod Vow Renewal at Ocean’s Edge in Massachusetts. Cape Cod is well known for its small towns full of New England charm while showing off gorgeous shoreline sunsets.

I have the extreme pleasure to stay in touch with many of my brides even after their wedding days. I asked Sarah to share a little bit about her story with Hampus since it’s quite special. Not only did they get married once – but they had multiple weddings to include their friends and family.

Here are some highlights from Sarah:

Hampus and I met while at Merrimack College at a party on campus over a handle of fireball. When the time came for the wedding we knew we had to incorporate Fireball in some way!

Over our relationship we moved around quite a bit and had spent the past three years living in Sweden and Copenhagen. Like many others, our wedding plans were derailed with the pandemic. We officially married in Copenhagen in May 2021. We were both able to come back to the United States for the summer and we started planning our wedding celebration for the next summer!

It was really important to us to be able to celebrate with all our family and friends. Because we had already been married for a year, we decided to do a small vow renewal on the beach before the party started with just our immediate family. This was so special to us because no one could be there for our actual wedding. Saying our vows (Sarah even said her vows to Hampus in Swedish, which had everyone in tears!) in front of our family felt like our actual wedding day.

From the beach, we went straight back to the party where we joined cocktail hour and started the party with our guests! We made our own drink menu with our three favorite cocktails as the customized drinks. We put fun facts about us on cocktail napkins for people to read while they were walking around and chatting. We thought it was a simple customized touch to personalize our day!

In between celebrating we headed to the beach at Ocean Edge for some couple portraits. The sunset was absolutely incredible. We completely lucked out with the views we got. Once back, we took a shot of Fireball just the two of us and continued the party.

Overall it was such a fantastic day surrounded by those closest to us. We felt so honored to have all these people come just to celebrate us and the love we have for each other.

On an unrelated note, we genuinely cannot recommend Nicole enough. It was a little intimidating trying to plan a wedding in less than a year especially when everyone was trying to catch up from the pandemic the past few years. From the first zoom call with Nicole, I knew she was my person. She immediately feels like a friend you have known for years. She makes you feel so comfortable which resulted in the photos coming out looking so natural and not forced or posed. She has such an eye for photography and the scenes around us. To say we’re in love with our wedding album would be an understatement. We LOVE Nicole and truly you couldn’t have a better photographer for your special day.

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