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April 22, 2022


Happy Friday, Friends!

I’ve always wanted to have a blog but never thought that I had enough to write about – well – mindset change! I want to live a life where I have enough to write about. Not to mention I have so many stories of amazing couples that need to be told. So here we go!

When I pictured myself blogging or even editing photos, I saw myself with a laptop close by, venti caramel macchiato with extra caramel in hand, watching the words flow on the screen (or gorgeous galleries coming to life).

{Spoiler Alert} That NEVER happened. Recently, I realized there were a couple of reasons for that – but the biggest one? I like to write – like really write – with a pen and paper. Not type. I love my Mac, don’t get me wrong. We go to a lot of places together and spend a ton of time together. But to this day, if I can, I send handwritten thank-you notes. I love to write. Don’t even get me started on how cursive is a dying art. I purchased something the other day and when I signed my name the kid at the register was stunned because he never learned cursive. Anyways – more on that another time.

So, a couple of days ago, I took a step in moving toward my goals and not killing the Rainforest with my love of writing on paper. May sound silly, but I’m very patiently, impatiently waiting for the reMarkable 2 I ordered. When I posted on Instagram I honestly didn’t think anyone would care but surprisingly, so many people reached out to ask if I would report back on if I liked it. Stay tuned on that! When it arrives, I can’t wait to write out all the stories of my couples – and the plan right now is to even start a blog with my personal day-to-day and travel stories.

My reMarkable 2 is supposed to be here Monday or Tuesday and I can’t wait to start writing! I’ll be sure to come back and link my personal blog once it’s up and running. I’m all for putting things out into the world lately – and writing them down. 😉

Have a wonderful weekend!


Nicole Danielle

Photo of me taken by: Carly Michelle Photography

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I’m a New England and destination wedding photographer with an insatiable desire to be seaside. 

Even when I’m not documenting love stories, I’m likely still settled behind the lens taking photos. Whether I’m walking the cobblestone streets of Italy with gelato in hand, dipping my toes in the North Sea of the Netherlands or wandering down the street for a New England lobster roll, I’m pushing the shutter — freezing — moments in time. Having traveled to over 15 countries and counting, I am passionate about creating experiences that feel well-lived in and well-captured. 

While adventures abroad can certainly awaken the soul, there’s really nothing quite like home. For me, that’s seaside alongside my 75lb. Goldador — and a glass of cabernet.

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