Friday Check In

Happy Friday, Friends!

I’ve always wanted to have a blog but never thought that I had enough to write about – well – mindset change! I want to live a life where I have enough to write about. Not to mention I have so many stories of amazing couples that need to be told. So here we go!

When I pictured myself blogging or even editing photos, I saw myself with a laptop close by, venti caramel macchiato with extra caramel in hand, watching the words flow on the screen (or gorgeous galleries coming to life).

{Spoiler Alert} That NEVER happened. Recently, I realized there were a couple of reasons for that – but the biggest one? I like to write – like really write – with a pen and paper. Not type. I love my Mac, don’t get me wrong. We go to a lot of places together and spend a ton of time together. But to this day, if I can, I send handwritten thank-you notes. I love to write. Don’t even get me started on how cursive is a dying art. I purchased something the other day and when I signed my name the kid at the register was stunned because he never learned cursive. Anyways – more on that another time.

So, a couple of days ago, I took a step in moving toward my goals and not killing the Rainforest with my love of writing on paper. May sound silly, but I’m very patiently, impatiently waiting for the reMarkable 2 I ordered. When I posted on Instagram I honestly didn’t think anyone would care but surprisingly, so many people reached out to ask if I would report back on if I liked it. Stay tuned on that! When it arrives, I can’t wait to write out all the stories of my couples – and the plan right now is to even start a blog with my personal day-to-day and travel stories.

My reMarkable 2 is supposed to be here Monday or Tuesday and I can’t wait to start writing! I’ll be sure to come back and link my personal blog once it’s up and running. I’m all for putting things out into the world lately – and writing them down. 😉

Have a wonderful weekend!


Nicole Danielle

Photo of me taken by: Carly Michelle Photography