Jesse & Rachel | Concord, Massachusetts Couples Session

February 25, 2021


Friends! Meet Jesse & Rachel. Fellow photographers and TONS of fun! I think we literally laughed from the beginning of their session right until the end. A beautiful state park in Concord MA where ALL of the dogs were hanging out that day – every single one of them was better behaved then the last one we walked by. All three of us were AH-MAZED at how well behaved these dogs were – each of us agreeing our own dogs would never behave that well! 

We talked “shop” a bit and then how Jesse & Rachel hadn’t had photos done together since they had children. A snowy couples session was the perfect excuse for a date night! We stayed in the park until the sun starting setting and Rachel couldn’t feel her hands anymore (thanks for being such a good sport Rachel!). 

Most couples think they need a big occasion to get professional photos done – I say ABSOLUTELY not! Grab a bottle of wine – or coffees – a pizza – whatever you want and let’s take some photos! 


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I’m a New England and destination wedding photographer with an insatiable desire to be seaside. 

Even when I’m not documenting love stories, I’m likely still settled behind the lens taking photos. Whether I’m walking the cobblestone streets of Italy with gelato in hand, dipping my toes in the North Sea of the Netherlands or wandering down the street for a New England lobster roll, I’m pushing the shutter — freezing — moments in time. Having traveled to over 15 countries and counting, I am passionate about creating experiences that feel well-lived in and well-captured. 

While adventures abroad can certainly awaken the soul, there’s really nothing quite like home. For me, that’s seaside alongside my 75lb. Goldador — and a glass of cabernet.

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