Jesse & Rachel | Concord, Massachusetts Couples Session

Friends! Meet Jesse & Rachel. Fellow photographers and TONS of fun! I think we literally laughed from the beginning of their session right until the end. A beautiful state park in Concord MA where ALL of the dogs were hanging out that day – every single one of them was better behaved then the last one we walked by. All three of us were AH-MAZED at how well behaved these dogs were – each of us agreeing our own dogs would never behave that well! 

We talked “shop” a bit and then how Jesse & Rachel hadn’t had photos done together since they had children. A snowy couples session was the perfect excuse for a date night! We stayed in the park until the sun starting setting and Rachel couldn’t feel her hands anymore (thanks for being such a good sport Rachel!). 

Most couples think they need a big occasion to get professional photos done – I say ABSOLUTELY not! Grab a bottle of wine – or coffees – a pizza – whatever you want and let’s take some photos!