Chris & Felicia | Snowy Couples Session

I am finally catching up on blogging some sessions from before Christmas! Winter is not normally my cup of tea. I usually hibernate through winter with a book and a cup of coffee curled up with my dog. However, on a sunny December Saturday, I drove up to Concord, Massachusetts with the anticipation of a kid waiting for Christmas Morning. I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter couple to kick off a weekend of couples sessions in the freshly fallen snow.

When I first met Chris and Felicia you could literally look at them and see how smitten they were with one another. Their session was absolutely effortless. At the end of their session, Felicia had gone to their car and pulled out the cutest Christmas gift. At home, I read the card that Felicia had put into the gift bag. She wrote saying how thankful they were for the session – that this was something they had looked forward to since their wedding had been postponed due to the pandemic. Her card and kindness was such a great reminder of why I love this job so much! I love meeting people and hearing their stories and building friendships. 

The story doesn’t end there… A couple days later, Felicia’s fiancé Chris had emailed me thanking me for the session but also to ask if I could possibly send over one photo from the session since Felicia was so excited for the photos. He wanted to print and frame the photo as a Christmas present. {How sweet is that?!} Fortunately, I had almost finished their entire gallery and sent it right over to Chris. 

The perfect amount of seasonal magic for the week of Christmas!